In November of 2018, a police officer from the Adachi district of Tokyo discovered something unusual after investigating the home of a recently deceased employee of the Habara Skeletal Specimen Research Insitute. Upon searching the home and surrounding grounds, forensics officers were able to recover the partial remains of over 500 individuals.


Habara Skeletal Specimen Research Institute is a company that manufactures anatomical skeleton for Japanese schools, universities, and laboratories. And although today's skeletons are entirely synthetic, up until the 1970s real human bones were used to create these models. It is believed that the CEO of this company is responsible for this act and according to the legal papers sent to public prosecutors, he may be charged with violating the Waste Management and Public Cleansing Act. It has been confirmed that these bones were obtained from India and law enforcement will likely investigate Habara, as well as, similar companies in the coming months.