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Here at INKED we fully support people going out and getting their faces tattooed. We're art lovers who champion self-expression, societal norms be damned. So we're coming from a place of love when we say that you need to really put some consideration into what you are doing before you decide to tattoo your face. We're not saying that face tattoos should be banned, far from it. What we are saying, nay, screaming, is that you shouldn't be an utter moron about what you choose to tattoo in the most prominent place of your entire body. As tattoo aficionados, we know that a picture speaks a thousand words, so take a gander at this gentleman and his "Crime Pays" tattoo. 


We'd like to introduce you to Donald Preston Murray of Terre Haute, Indiana. There had been an ongoing manhunt to locate and arrest Mr. Murray after he was involved in a high-speed chase on Friday. Murray was able to spend a couple of days on the lam before he was brought in and arrested on Tuesday. Can you think of a reason why Murray had trouble keeping a low profile? Could it be the enormous block letters proclaiming him a crime devotee in the middle of his frickin' head? 

In no way are we advocating for people to break the law, but if that's the life you've chosen for yourself use an iota of discretion for fuck's sake. Of all of the poorly thought out tattoos that we see on a daily basis, this one is far and away the dumbest. C'mon, man.

People like this give a bad name to the entire tattoo community. If this whole kerfuffle had happened a week earlier, every member of our staff would have had to spend all of Thanksgiving dinner explaining to Aunt Edna and Grampa Earl that not every tattooed person is a criminal like this dolt. It's fucking exhausting. 

In the short gallery below we've thrown together examples of what to do if you're thinking about a face tattoo. These are tattoos that serve as a proud statement of your ethnic identity or as an artistic expression. What they aren't is a flashing bright sign letting law enforcement know that you are either committing a crime or, at the very least, planning one. What an imbecile. Sigh.