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In strange super-fan tattoo news, 30-year-old Matt Lee in Sheffield celebrates the opening of an Ikea store with a tattoo of their iconic pencil on his wrist.

The new store will be just seven miles away from his home, which means he won’t have to drive 40 minutes to the nearest store in Nottingham… which he does four to five times a year.

According to Metro News, Matt Lee has been obsessed with the Swedish retailer ever since he was young, and has spent nearly £5,000 on products over the years.” In USD, he would have spent a little shy of $6,500. (No matter how you convert the money spent, we estimate a very small fraction of that was spent on the tattoo.)


But, he loves IKEA, and we are happy he has put his dedication to the tattoo needle. This is his third tattoo, and he admits it’s his favorite.

The four-inch long tattoo of the franchise’s engraved brown pencil originated from a vacation with "the boys" in Ibiza. Matt was persuaded to get the tattoo, which Metro shares “only took five minutes to ink,” and said: “I’ve always been a fan of Ikea. I was on holiday with the lads and we all started talking about getting tattoos. I’m always banging on about Ikea and one of my mates said I should get a tattoo of one of the pencils.”

He added, “It was around 7pm at night, I’d had a few drinks but was definitely not drunk.”

While Matt’s “lads” found the tattoo to be funny, his dad is less than thrilled… saying it brands his son as an “idiot.”

Matt wants an invite to the opening ceremony of the new store and even asked if he can cut the ribbon. We think he should at least get a discount. IKEA Sheffield Store Manager Garry Deakin said, “The IKEA fever in Sheffield is clearly rubbing off on this super-fan. There’s no chance of erasing his excitement.”