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For the past month or longer, it has been pretty impossible to leave the house, go on the internet or turn on the TV without hearing about impeachment. This makes sense, we should be hearing about impeachment, it's a pretty big deal. Last night was only the third time that a president has been impeached (Bill Clinton and Andrew Johnson). Everything will now move to the Senate where a trial will be held and, possibly, Donald Trump will be removed from office, becoming the first president to ever be removed. 

While this is a very important moment in American history, it can be a bit much. When you combine this stress with the annual stress that comes from the holidays, we thought it might be nice to take a little break. Have a little fun. Maybe even a laugh. The republic may be crumbling, but I'll be damned if peach tattoos aren't adorable. 

We've put together some cute little imPEACHment tattoos for you. It's topical but it won't fill you with existential dread. It would have been terrific to find a tattoo of a peach with a sprig of mint next to it, but we were denied. If you have one of those please share it with us on social media. And you'll get a high five from me personally. 

Yeah, we couldn't help ourselves. We had to throw in one tattoo of the big special boy who finally won a popular vote in the House. Congratulations, Donald.