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While Ink Master was celebrating their newest Master, former ”Ink Master" star Chris Blinston was celebrating beating a second rap in court of being accused of a serious crime. He walked away again unscathed from the accusations making him the Teflon Tat Artist.

We just found out that the battery case against Blinston had to be thrown out of court and dismissed because of insufficient evidence, therefore not being able to prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt. This all comes directly from to the State Attorney office in Palm Beach County, Florida.


Last month Blinston’s girlfriend accused him incorporating a safe, which he used to press against her chest — in attempt to move her “out of the way”. This prompted her to call the police and Blinston was arrested on a battery charge. She called cops, and although he denied ever touching her, they arrested him for battery. These are the same charges that have just been dismissed.

An earlier incident had Blinston up again on battery charges when his teenage daughter accused him of choking her. He accused his daughter of “framing him” and prosecutors eventually dropped those charges also.