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There are beautiful tattooed women scattered throughout the United States and you may not have known your dream girl could be living next door. We've curated a small fraction of the stunning Inked models in the great U.S. of A and it's time you learned where these ladies hail from. Is your crush an East Coast Gal or a Southern Belle? Does she root for the Patriots or the Packers? Take a look at the babes in the gallery below and let us know your thoughts on our list in the comments section.

East Coast

Skella Borealis—Patchogue, NY

Nattybohh—Baltimore, MD

Alisha Gory—New York, NY

Morgan Joyce—Sayerville, NJ

Emily Boring—Philadelphia, PA

Mariko Suicide—New York, NY

Vanessa Luciano—Morganville, NJ

Ivory Suicide—Queens, NY


Laika—Chicago, IL

Natasha Grey—Cleveland, OH

Milenci Suicide—Chicago, IL

Faux Suicide—Chicago, IL

Eydis Suicide—Minneapolis, MN

Sierhaus Suicide—Minneapolis, MN


Deanna James—Dallas, TX

Junipr Suicide—Nashville, TN

Jordyn Ryder—Austin, TX

Mia Woods—Orlando, FL

Laura Lux—Austin, TX

Emma Vauxdevil—Houston, TX

Monica Zamora—South Beach, FL

Lavish Suicide—Miami, FL

West Coast

Heidi Lavon—Portland, OR

Misty Mason—Laguna Beach, CA

Nichole Roedder—Phoenix, AZ

Katia Kubacki—Los Angeles, CA

Bae Suicide—Boulder, CO

Loveless Suicide—Tuscon, AZ