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For many, many months we've been preparing to open our first tattoo shop in NYC. Now, we're proud to introduce the resident artists of Inked NYC. From black-and-grey to portraits to lettering, our artists cover a wide variety of tattoo specialties and therefore perfectly represent the brand Inked has spent over a decade crafting. And although we've yet to officially open our doors, Inked NYC is set to be one of the best and brightest shops on the East coast. Meet our resident and guest artists in the gallery below and if you're interested in book an appointment with any of them, email

Resident Artists

Tom Kraky

Specialties: Fine Line, Black-and-Grey, Micro, Surrealism

Rods Jimenez

Specialties: Black-and-Grey, Portraits, Surrealism

Jess Mascetti

Specialties: Black-and-Grey, Fine Line, Illustrative

Jozzy Camacho

Specialties: Black-and-Grey, Lettering, Portraits


Specialties: Pop Art, Lettering


Specialties: Illustrative

Guest Artists

Edit Paints

Specialties: Color Realism, Micro, Portraits

Avihoo Ben Gida

Specialties: Black-and-Grey, Micro, Portraits

Pony Lawson

Specialties: Black-and-Grey, Color Realism, Micro, Portraits

Bright Bones (1/13-20)

Specialties: Black-and-Grey, Color Realism, Micro

Dim Gray (1/12-15)

Specialties: Micro, Animal Portraits, Fine Line

Shiran (2/27-29)

Specialties: Abstract, Illustrative

Artem Koro (2/27-29)

Specialties: Abstract, Illustrative

Elva Stefanie (1/31-2/2, 3/13-16, 4/9-12)

Specialties: Ornamental