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On the last episode of Ink Master, heavy hitter Cam was sent packing and three men, two women remained in the competition. This week, the five remaining artists were tested on precision and for their flash challenge, they were tasked with creating a mural using different colored paint balls.

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The men's team created a colorful fantasy-style dragon and Peck noted that the artists showed precision in the details found in the teeth. The women's team created a silhouette of a woman's face and Nunez complimented the contrast applied between the color and black. However, in the end, the flash challenge went to the men's team.

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For the elimination tattoo, the artists were tasked with inking traditional illustrative portraits. This required them to take an illustrative approach to a portrait tattoo, which would ultimately be based off of a client's photo.

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First up on the men's team, the judges appreciated Jake's ability to capture the vintage quality of the photograph and Peck enjoyed his approach when crafting the distinctive outlines of the piece.

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Next up, although the judges appreciated Creepy Jason's ability to capture the likeness of the photograph, Nunez called him out for his approach to shading the hair and over shading the right eye.

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Pon fell short when it came to capturing the likeness of the photograph and Nunez noted there were major issues in crafting the shapes of the face in a precise manner.

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First up on the women's team, Laura was praised for the tight application of her tattoo, however, Peck commented that he didn't see enough likeness to the photo in the finished product.

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Lastly, Dani was complimented for not only capturing the likeness of the man in the photograph but also for executing a precise and solid portrait.

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When it came to best tattoo of the day, Dani was a unanimous choice. Pon, Creepy Jason and Laura were sent to the bottom three, but in the end, Pon was sent home.

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What did you think about this week's episode? Which was your favorite tattoo of the week? Did Pon deserve to go home? Out of the remaining artists, who should go to the finale and who should take the title? Let us know your thoughts on this week's episode in the comments section.