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Tomorrow, on Ink Master, 17 artists are left in the running for the title and they're met with their very first flash challenge. For their first challenge, both teams are tasked with creating works of art using coffee beans of varying hues—with the key focus of the challenge being shading.

However, it's not just this seasons contestants who worked with coffee beans this week. Veteran Joey Hamilton, winner of season 3, and Ryan Ashley Malarkey, winner of season 8, came back as coaches for the week. Every week, a new pair of veterans will come into the competition and fight their opponent for the opportunity to win $25,000 at the finale.

For this challenge, Hamilton guided the women's team, whereas Ashley led the men. Take  a look at a sneak peek of episode two and tune at 10/9c on June 19th to see how things play out for the remaining artists, as well as, the returning coaches.