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Last week, on Ink Master, the artists were tasked with showing consistency while creating cross-stitch inspired tattoos. Cam rose to the challenge, accepting Best Tattoo of the Day, while Ash, Ashley, and Jake were on the chopping block. In the end, it was Ashley who the judges sent packing, leaving Ash and Jake the opportunity to fight another day.

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For episode 7, the artists were thrust directly into the elimination tattoo challenge and tasked with showing technical application. This week, they were put head-to-head with their competitors, with the weaker artist of the duo being put up for elimination. The artists randomly picked skulls, which instead of displaying a name, gave them the advantage of either calling the shots or picking their opponent.

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Creepy Jason selected Alexis as his partner, with Alexis selecting black-and-grey realistic French Bulldog portraits. Fon selected Janelle, with Janelle selecting full-color realistic Boston Terrier portraits with American traditional roses. Tito selected Jake, with Jake selecting black-and-grey realistic wolf heads. Ash selected Cam, with Cam selecting a black-and-grey dotwork mandala with a color realistic rose. Pon selected Holly, with Holly selecting color Neo-traditional female busts holding flaming anatomical hearts. Dani selected Laura, with Laura selecting color new school full-body aliens holding the milky way galaxy.

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Peck enjoyed the technical aspects of Cam's tattoo, including the vibrant red and drop shadow below the rose. Nunez enjoyed Ash's mandala, however, the judges agreed that Cam had the more advanced design.

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Navarro enjoyed the legible approach to Jake's wolf head, whereas, the judges found that Tito struggled—putting him in the bottom.

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The judges had difficulty choosing between both Dani and Laura, with Nunez wishing tattoos could be executed in this way every week. In the end, the judges voted that Laura had the more impressive tattoo.

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Alexis's tattoo was called very recognizable by the judges, however, they wished there was more legibility in the nose of the dog. Nunez enjoyed the shading in Creepy Jason's tattoo, but the judges noted technical application issues in the background—which put him in the bottom group.

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"It's the best tattoo you've done here, by far," said Nunez of Janelle's design. The judges enjoyed the tricks Fon included in this tattoo to make it a portrait, which gave him a leg up in the face off.

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Peck loved Holly's illustration, noting that she made smart color choices and the line work was clean throughout the piece. While the judges complimented Pon's line work and color application, they argued that his tattoo had design problems when it came to the anatomy of the hand.

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After the head-to-head elimination tattoo challenge, Creepy Jason, Pon, Tito, Ash, Laura, and Janelle were put up for elimination. However, they had one more opportunity to prove themselves. The six bottom artists were sent into another head-to-head challenge, with the winning artists giving the opportunity to call the shots. Much to Nunez's delight, the winning team decided to turn the tables by selecting a traditional Japanese hannya mask for the artists to tattoo.

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Nunez argued that Pon's tattoo was solid when it came to application, however, he told him that there were inconsistencies when it came to the drawing aspect.

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Peck found fault with the horn's in Creepy Jason's tattoo, but overall, enjoyed the tattoo.

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Nunez had an issue with Tito changing integral aspects of the traditional hannya mask design and Peck noted that there were inconsistencies in the outlines.

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Although Dani's tattoo was cool and well done, Nunez noted that it was very far from being traditional.

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Nunez appreciated that Janelle tattooed her mask straight on and while he noted that the teeth were not traditional, he praised her technical application.

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Like the other artists, Ash was knocked for not executing a traditional design and Nunez noted that she fell short when it came to technical application.

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The judges came to a unanimous consensus that Tito and Ash were the bottom two of the bunch. And while there were issues in both tattoos, the judges ultimately decided that Tito did not have what it takes to be Ink Master.

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What do you think of this week's episode? Which head-to-head tattoo was your favorite? Did Tito deserve to go home? Let us know your thoughts and questions on this week's episode in the comments section.