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Last week, the artists went head-to-head and six artists faced off with traditional Japanese hannya masks. In the end, it was Tito who was sent home, leaving Ash to fight another day. For this week, veterans Kelly Doty and Jime Litwalk returned to the competition as coaches and that meant we were heading into a new school challenge.

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For this week's flash challenge, the artists were tasked with mastering color theory and required to create a work of art using only tattoo ink and ink caps. They were required to mix their own colors and fill over 11,000 ink caps to create their designs. Both teams were inspired by moths, with the men's team creating moths flocking to a lantern and the women's team crafting a luna moth with a jewel abdomen. The judges enjoyed the earth tones the men's team used in their design, but also appreciated the wide spectrum of hues the women's team included. In the end, it was the women's team that had the top moth and were given the chance to assign the skull picks for the elimination challenge.

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No surprise, the elimination tattoo challenge was new school and the first artist up for judging with Creepy Jason. The judges appreciated the tricks Jason included in his design, with Peck complimenting the details in the guts.

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Next up, was Pon. Peck appreciated the color play in Pon's tattoo and said that he'd done the "best use of tone manipulation" of the bunch.

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Right off the bat, the judges criticized Jake's pizza tattoo for not having crust under the cheese and agreed that it wasn't particularly readable.

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Nunez remarked that the design of Cam's spaceship was questionable and the design lacked contrast as well as legibility.

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"It looks like you put the stencil on in the dark!" exclaimed Peck upon seeing Fon's tattoo, with the judges agreeing that the drawing was rushed.

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Peck enjoyed the color application of Ash's voodoo doll and this tattoo certainly redeemed her after ending up in the bottom two last week.

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Nunez complimented Janelle for nailing the wacky new school look and sold the judges on her abilities with solid color packing.

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Peck appreciated the color play in Holly's tattoo, particularly the color blends and smooth skin tones.

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The judges loved Alexis's Big Foot tattoo, from his stance to the multiple light sources shown.

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Laura nailed color application in this tattoo, with the judges admiring her smooth blends in the hat and the subtle touches of green in the martini.

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Peck loved Dani's illustration and was not disappointed when it came to her abilities to apply solid and smooth color.

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When it came down to picking a winner this week, it was Dani and Alexis who found themselves at the top. However, because Alexis included a bold outline, she earned Best Tattoo of the Day.

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The women's team had the chance to submit one artist up for elimination and they voted Cam into the bottom. Cam was joined by Jake and Fon, with reasons for each of these tattoos to send their artist home. However, in the end, it was Fon who was sent home.

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What do you think of this week's episode? Did Fon deserve to be sent home? Which tattoo do you think was the best of the bunch? Let us know your thoughts on this story in the comments section.