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Last week, Ink Master alumni Kelly Doty and Jime Litwalk returned to the competition as coaches, bringing with them a new school challenge. Alexis rose to the top of the back during the elimination tattoo and front runner Fon, who had two wins under his belt, was sent home. This left the women's team with six artists and the men with four.

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This week, veterans Megan Jean Morris of season 7 and James Vaughn of seasons 1 and 7, were announced as coaches. And for this week's flash challenge, the teams were tasked with creating three-dimensional sculptures using only tooth picks and the key word was composition. The men's team was complimented by the spiral of their design and the judges appreciated their creativity. The women's team won the judges over with its beauty and ultimately took home this week's flash challenge.

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For the elimination tattoo, the artists were tasked with creating free hand designs that were drawn directly onto the client's skin, while also showing composition throughout the piece.

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First up, with Nunez complimented Ash's use of blacks in the tattoo, he wished she'd considered composition and put the handcuffs through the skull.

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Peck appreciated Laura's illustration and the dynamic flow of the tentacles. Nunez admired the use of black to create contrast in the suckers.

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Janelle's koi fish impressed Mr. Japanese himself, as Nunez enjoyed the shape she created and her ability to line up the scales despite it being free handed.

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While the judges recognized the subject of Alexis's tattoo, Nunez knocked her with the word of the week, composition, when it came down to the placement of the mallet.

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Peck complimented the simplicity in Holly's design and appreciated that each element of the tattoo was legible throughout the piece.

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Nunez liked both the composition of the gargoyle in Dani's tattoo and went on to say that the shading of the piece sold the tattoo for him.

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First up on the men's team, Cam met the challenge when it came to composition and flow, however, Peck knocked the design when it came to the number of teeth shown.

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Peck had a hard time seeing Pon's design as a phoenix, whereas Nunez commented that the tattoo was stiff and missed the mark when it came to the composition of the drawing.

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"The fox is really beautiful," said Nunez of Jake's tattoo and the judges appreciated the techniques he used to create dimension within the fur.

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Nunez was confused by the composition of Creepy Jason's tattoo, noting that the handle and blade of the axe don't appear to line up.

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When it came to picking the best tattoo of the day, both Dani and Laura were the judges top pick. However, in the end, Laura's tattoo won the top slot this week. This allowed the women's team to send an artist to the bottom three, with the team selecting Creepy Jason. He was joined by Ash and Alexis on the chopping block. And although the judges had reasons to send each of these artist's home, Ash was sent home.

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What do you think about this week's episode? Which artist do you think should have gone home? Which tattoo was your favorite of the week? Let us know your thoughts, questions, and opinions on this week's episode in the comments section.