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On April 15th, 2020 "Ink Master" announced that due to COVID-19, they would not be holding a live finale for their 13th season and a winner would not be crowned this season. After Tuesday's episode, it was announced that Angel Rose, Jimmy Snaz and Bob Jones would have been the three artists attending the finale. Although they didn't compete at the finale, each of these artists created two 25-hour master canvases to present on stage. Let's take a look at the tattoos that would have determined Turf War's winner.

Thanks to "Ink Master" super fan, Derek Paradis, we get to view each contestant's work side by side—starting with Rose. Rose was one of the returning artists, previously placing 11th on season 11. On season 13, she was a stand-out competitor, winning three challenges. However, she was eliminated in episode 12 after falling short on the versatility challenge, but she was pardoned by judge Oliver Peck and allowed back into the competition.

Rose created a black-and-grey back piece, which is her signature style and features two Grecian warriors. According to Paradis, "Her illustrative back piece represents her story as a warrior in the competition and she’s looking at her inner self holding a sword to determine her destiny in the battle as a strong warrior and she was very powerful telling her story through her art."

For her second 25-hour tattoo, Rose created a color bio-mechanical chest piece—which definitely reminds me of the piece season 12 finalist Dani Ryan created for the finale.

Next up, fellow West Coast competitor Bob Jones. Jones is the only rookie contestant who made it to the finale and during the season, he took home three wins including the one in the last episode.

For Jones' back tattoo, he also went with black-and-grey and crafted a harpy, which many fans thought would win him the title if the finale was held.

His chest piece was also color bio-mechanical, which is a familiar style for Jones.

Last up is East Coast veteran, Jimmy Snaz, who competed alongside Rose in season 11. During season 11, Snaz placed 10th, but he certainly redeemed himself in season 13. This time around, he got two wins and played to his strengths as a traditional artist throughout the season.

For his back piece, which was black-and-grey, Snaz created a female Grim Reaper, which according to Paradis "represents the rough and dark moments he went through with drug addiction."

His 25-hour chest piece was in his signature style of American traditional, and according to Paradis, "based on small things just the way in society that people make blind judgments of certain people who may look different." Personally, this is my favorite tattoo of the finale and based on past contestants like season 6's Kruseman and season 11's Cleen, a big and bold traditional piece can sway the judges in your favor.

What do you think of season 13's master canvas tattoos? Which artist do you think deserved to win based on these tattoos? Did Jerrel Larkins, who won five challenges during the season and narrowly missed the top three, deserve to make it to the finale? Let us know your thoughts on this story on social media.