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Back in 2009, Inktober was created by illustrator Jake Parker to improve his artistic skills. Today, the official Inktober Instagram account has nearly a million followers and the challenge is performed by artists worldwide. Inktober is designed to encourage everyone to practice art, whether you're a professional or can only draw stick figures.

The rules of Inktober are pretty straight forward. First, you make a drawing in ink. It's okay if you sketch out your design in pencil. Second, you post your finished piece—whether that be on social media or your refrigerator. Third, if you're posting to social media, you should hashtag your work with #inktober and #inktober2020. And last, repeat! Some participants adhere to posting for all 31 days, while others do every other day (a half-marathon) or once a week (a 5k).

Inktober began sharing an official prompt list in 2016, prior to that participants created their own ideas. This year, there's a vast range of prompts—from straight forward concepts to more open ended adjectives. Take a look at 31 tattoos inspired by the prompts of Inktober 2020 in the gallery below, then let us know what you're most excited to draw in the comments section on social media.

Prompt 1: Fish

Prompt 2: Wisp

Prompt 3: Bulky

Prompt 4: Radio

Prompt 5: Blade

Prompt 6: Rodent

Prompt 7: Fancy

Prompt 8: Teeth

Prompt 9: Throw

Prompt 10: Hope

Prompt 11: Disgusting

Prompt 12: Slippery

Prompt 13: Dune

Prompt 14: Armor

Prompt 15: Outpost

Prompt 16: Rocket

Prompt 17: Storm

Prompt 18: Trap

Prompt 19: Dizzy

Prompt 20: Coral

Prompt 21: Sleep

Prompt 22: Chef

Prompt 23: Rip

Prompt 24: Dig

Prompt 25: Buddy

Prompt 26: Hide

Prompt 27: Music

Prompt 28: Float

Prompt 29: Shoes

Prompt 30: Ominous

Prompt 31: Crawl