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Rita Ora closed her European tour with a tattoo, and her Instagram post is flooding with mixed comments. Ora went to tattoo artist Henk Schiffmacher at Schiffmacher & Veldhoen Tattooing in the Netherlands, for a dagger tattoo and some finger tats. The sword piercing through a heart is tattooed on the “I Will Never Let You Down” songstress’ back, and her hand flashes ornamental symbols and dots on her right index and ring fingers.

Within two days, the post has been "liked" over 277,000 times, including a “like” from famed celebrity tattoo artist Mr. K.

While Clean Bandit and Drew Elliott praised the work, the reactions to the new tattoos are extremely mixed. For one, the lines are not as clean as some would hope.

“No offense but that tat is terrible the lines aren’t straight and the blade is off center,” one user commented.

“His work is awful,” someone described the tattoo artist, Henk. “Was he high on mushrooms? Sorry but that looks awful. Unless you wanted a dodgy looking tat? Laser removal is the way forward with that one!”

For two; the design, specifically on the heart, is not as “plump” as many would hope. If the blade was thinner and Ora got the tiny design in a fine-line style, the lines would not run into one another.

“Who drew the dagger/heart, a 4yr old child!?! Jeez.!!” another said.

However, there are many who came to Ora’s defense.

“Too bad there are so many haters. We know better. Viva!” a commenter said.

At the end of the day, celebrities will always get heat for their work, tattoo or otherwise. But if Rita Ora likes what she got, that’s all that matters. Plus, she is marking her experience touring the Netherlands, as well as her incredible career. That is a mark worth inking.

Ora sports over 25 tattoos. A rose tattoo that appeared on her hand is believed to have been lasered off after a series of paparazzi photos that show the ink is barely visible anymore.

Currently, Rita is embarking on her own world tour titled “Phoenix,” which is named after her second studio album. The tour kicked off in Melbourne, Australia, on March 1 at the Palais Theatre. She continued her shows down under in Sydney, Brisbane, and Perth and then started the Asian leg that same month.