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During this pandemic, many of us have been separated from our families and gone weeks without physical contact to slow the spread of COVID-19. Others of us, myself included, left our small apartments in big cities and moved back in with our parents in the suburbs to weather the storm. Either way, connection to our families has been tested in some way or another by the quarantine.

Maybe you spent your first Mother's Day away from your mom or kids, and that felt really weird. Or there's also the possibility of not being able to see certain family members during this time who are elderly or have compromised immune systems. However, despite the challenges our world has been presented, there are still ways of letting our loved ones know we're here and are staying safe.

In honor of International Day of Families, we encourage all of you to reach out to your loved ones—whether that we through a text message, phone call or even a Zoom meaning. Life is precious and in these times, we need to stick together even when we're apart. So, to give you some inspiration and start up the water works, we've put together some of the most touching, special and sentimental family tattoos on social media. These tattoos capture the beauty of family bonds, from mothers and daughters, to fathers and sons—we even threw in a few sibling pieces. Take a look at these beautiful tattoos in the gallery below, then let us know who you're missing the most during quarantine in the comments section on social media.