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July 30th is International Day of Friendship and it's more important now than ever to keep an eye on your friends. With the pandemic, the upcoming election and the ongoing human rights issues, these are tough times and many are suffering when it comes to mental health. Thus, it's imperative we look after the people in our lives and look out for each other.

International Day of Friendship was established by the United Nations General Assembly in 2011 on the belief that "friendship between peoples, countries, cultures and individuals can inspire peace efforts and build bridges between communities." It was first proposed in 1958 by Paraguay via the World Friendship Crusade and is observed by hundreds of nations worldwide.

There are countless ways to celebrate International Day of Friendship, from sending a card to making a call or by doing a good deed. Here at Inked, we support these ideas and we're all for friends getting matching tattoos. Just as long as the tattoo is something you'll be okay with having if you're friendship ends, we see no problem with getting tattoos together. Take a look at some of our favorite examples of friendship tattoos in the gallery below and let us know if you have a matching tattoo with someone in the comments section on social media.