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Back in 2003, Canadian author Peter H. Reynolds published the childrens' book "The Dot." The book follows a child named Vashti who says she cannot draw, but her teacher urges her to draw a dot on a piece of paper. The next day, Vashti discovers that the teacher has framed her dot drawing and she becomes inspired to create more dot art, realizing that she was an artist after all. This book made a big impression on the education world, encouraging creativity in classrooms worldwide and led to the establishment of International Dot Day in 2008.

Now, over 10 years later, International Dot Day is celebrated every year on September 15th. It's celebrated by encouraging everyone to embrace their inner artist, whether that be through painting, poetry or music. Everyone has the capacity to be an artist, at least for themselves. Just because you can't paint like Rembrandt, doesn't mean you can't enjoy getting creative. Art is for everyone and we can all enjoy it through our love for tattoos.

Dotwork tattooing is an extremely popular style, which embraces the creative potential of a dot. Dotwork tattooers create intricate designs using dotwork shading and stippling, whether that be an intricate mandala or a delicate flower. Take a look at some of our favorite dotwork tattoos from talented artists around the world in the gallery below, then let us know if you enjoy dotwork tattooing in the comments section on social media.