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Get ready folks, it looks like A$AP Rocky had his sex tape leaked—and it's less than impressive according to Twitter users. A$AP fangirls across the nation are heartbroken by the less than impressive rhythm featured in the film, and if it is Rocky, he just made a ton of men more confident. 

A$AP has been pretty damn open about his sex life, in an interview with Esquire he spilled all the details on his multiple and regularly occurring orgies. In fact, in that very interview  A$AP openly admitted that he films many of his orgies and sexual encounters. He has also shared that he has a sex addiction, again making it all more possible that this really is A$AP's sex tape. 

Though it's impossible to see the man's face in the sex tape (there's the link for all you freaks out there) A$AP fans were quick to notice some very familiar tattoos on the gentleman caller who is featured in the video. It could very well just be a dedicated A$AP look alike, or maybe deep fakes are being used to copy even tattoos now, but either way the evidence is pretty damning according to long term fans.

It's ultimately impossible to prove whether it's A$AP in the video unless the rapper himself decides to admit it, but who knows! Maybe it is A$AP and maybe he's proud of the work, and if so—more power to him. But also, ladies, make sure to voice your desires in the bedroom.