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Hockey enthusiast Tyler Duchaine has gotten a tattoo of Washington Capitals forward Brett Connolly, himself getting a tattoo, The Washington Post reports. The piece, which wraps around Duchaine's bicep and tricep, is based on a photo of Connolly idly eating a slice of pizza while he gets Nintendo's Bowser tattooed in pretty much the same spot as Duchaine later did.

The way it unfolded, after the Caps won their first Stanley Cup, they went out boozing, and Connolly ended up in Adams Morgan's Tattoo Paradise, getting the 8-bit icon drawn on his arm by artist Billy Bennett. Six months later, Duchaine was inspired to tweet this:

He quickly dropped that number to 1000, and soon found himself honorbound to get the piece forever embedded in his skin. Of course, the only man for the job would have to be Bennett, who agreed to the unique request. (Bennett also appears in the tattoo, making this image even more meta.)

So this past Sunday, Duchaine followed his sports hero down to the Tattoo Paradise, where Bennett depicted -- in perhaps a first in the history of tattoo artists --himself drawing a tattoo. Duchaine, his friends, and family all documented the work with tweets and a live stream, and he posted a delighted shot of it after the fact, promising to reveal the work in all its glory once the irritation goes down.

Is this crazier than the Philly fan Tat Man, who commemorated the Eagles' first Super Bowl win with a dome dual trophy tatt?