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Italian artist, Vincent Zattera, is a new school tattooer at Diamond Tattoo Castelfranco Veneto. Born in Valdagno, Zattera feels he approached the tattoo world “late,” by getting into the ink world at 28-years old. However, he describes it as “love right away.”

Zattera says, “For me, a tattoo is a painting that tells the wearer's experience, an artistic element of profound expression. This concept led me to embark on my journey within the world of tattoos.”

After working as an apprentice for years, and observing “the most expert tattoo artists to get the secrets of the technique,” Zattera opened his own studio, 7 years ago. “A few years later, I decided to do things big by creating a team of different tattoo artists, because I wanted to expand the offer of the studio to as many styles as possible in order to fulfill every desire and need of customers,” he said.

Zattera adds, “Being able to compare with colleagues has given us the opportunity to grow together from an artistic, technical, and human point of view. A value that I personally believe to be essential and invaluable.”

Vincent Zattera talks to INKED about approaching the tattoo world “late,” his half colored/half graphic, new-school tattoo style, and the way he sees art in the little things in life.

How did you get into tattooing?

The thing that led me to the tattoo world was the vision of jumping from a conventional canvas, the one I normally used in paintings, to the body, which is more dynamic in every single aspect.

Were you worried about approaching the tattoo world “late” at 28-years old?

About the age I started tattooing, I was not worried about it, since I was 28, but it was all excitement! It all happened in the most natural way, going through all the steps needed in order to be ready for this type of art.

Were you always a new-school tattooer or did your style evolve over time?

In the beginning, as many of us, I started doing more than a single style. My idols at that time were Paul Booth and Luorcifer. After that, I found what came very natural to me and that represented me perfectly.

The path that led me to do half colored/half graphic artworks has been very spontaneous. In the beginning of my career I used to do graphic pieces. I found them very appealing to me and after a few years, I found my personal way to mix these two styles together. I really like the way they stand next to each other; they’re so different, their mix is strange but so smooth and direct at the same time. I have a lot of fun doing this!

What is your favorite subject to tattoo?

I don’t really have a favorite subject, I like doing this and that, but I think I express my best in new school when I have to tattoo food. It gives me the chance to play with its many shadings and colors, and it can offer a huge variety and it can be very detailed. Plus, I’m a good eater myself *laughs*

What inspires you?

I take inspiration from everything I have around. From graffiti, from the landscape, and so on… I take every input and I put it in a drawer somewhere in my mind, and I take it back just when I need it to express it best.

What’s up next for you and how can our readers get an appointment with you?

I’m busy with many different tattoo conventions and guest spots in a few shops at the moment, and I’m actually starting to organize an experience in the U.S.

To get in touch with me, drop me an email at: