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Five Finger Death Punch vocalist Ivan Moody celebrated his one-year sober mark with a killer face tattoo. Moody has received praise, love, and support, from not only 5FDP fans, but from his bandmates.

Bassist Chris Kael wrote on Instagram, "I've seen firsthand the work that Ivan has done ... to get himself to this HUGE milestone. I’ve seen the amazing, positive changes in him over this past year that have gotten closer and closer to the man we all knew he could be. I’m proud of you, my friend. As are countless people you have inspired along the way. Keep that shit up!"

In a touching clip, Moody is seen stifling tears, saying he doesn't want his legacy, or death, to be defined by substance abuse. Moody said, “Chester [Bennington] and Chris [Cornell] and Scott [Weiland] and Layne [Staley], Lynn [Strait] — Lynn was like my older brother from Snot. All these guys are forgotten. … I listen to a Linkin Park song now and I can hear him crying for help."

Moody said that Judas Priest singer Rob Halford helped him get clean. At the time of Moody’s recovery, he briefly stopped performing with the band after an onstage meltdown in in 2017. Now, the Las Vegas-based metalheads are reunited and back on stage.

Moody’s tattoo artist, Rick Trip from Trip Ink Tattoo Company, created the piece. The tattoo, of a phoenix, is fitting for the accomplishment, as phoenixes are often used as a symbol of renewal and metempsychosis, illustrating a resurrection, or a “rising from the ashes.”

In an Instagram video, Moody said, "I'm going to get a phoenix tattooed throughout the side of my face and the one and only Rick Trip is going to be responsible."

To make the memory even more special, Trip used his last bottle of Rick Walters' signature series traditional red ink.

Captioned "My blood for yours," Moody’s social media postings contain celebratory hashtags, including: #fromtheashes #venividivici #phoenixrising #soitbegins #mylegacy #soberasfuck #salvation #ashes #dyingbreed #liftmeup #washitallaway #blueonblack #burnitdown #irefuse #vegasstronger #battleborn #welcometothepride 💪 #whentheseasonschange #justfortoday #onebreathatatime #strengthinnumbers #ivegotyour6