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October is here and Halloween is upon us! This means embracing the holiday in its full form and partaking in some of our favorite spooky activities. Although Halloween will be a bit different this year because of the pandemic, one thing has stayed the same and that's decking out your home with festive decorations. In fact, because many of us are spending our time at home, there has never been a better opportunity to go all out on decorating and bask in the Halloween season.

One of the most time honored traditions of Halloween is carving pumpkins, transforming the winter squash into a full fledged Jack-o'-lantern. Pumpkins, gourds and other vegetables have been carved by humans for over 10,000 years, but the Jack-o'-lantern first came into popularity in 19th century Ireland.

Halloween corresponds with the Gaelic festival of Samhain, a time when supernatural beings and the souls of the dead could walk the Earth. The lanterns were made to represent the spirits and ward off evil. They were used to frighten people and set in windows to protect one's home.

Today, people around the world continue to carve and light Jack-o'-lanterns during the month of October. The world record of the most lit Jack-o'-lanterns on display is currently held by Keene, New Hampshire and the city has beat that record eight times since their original attempt. In honor of October 1st and the beginning of Halloween month (yes, it deserves a whole month), take a look at 50 of our favorite Jack-o'-lantern tattoos from artists around the world in the gallery below.