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The upcoming fight between Logan Paul and Floyd Mayweather may have been the reason everybody showed up to the press conference, but, as we should have predicted, Jake Paul stole all the headlines. Along with Mayweather's hat. 

In what was most definitely a well-planned and orchestrated tussle, the younger Paul brother yanked a ball cap right off the head of the boxing legend. Within seconds of the altercation, fans could click on over to to purchase their very own "Gotcha Hat" hats, stickers, shirts and hoodies. 

Now, for most people that would be the end of the spectacle. Yet, again, we all should have seen this coming, Jake wasn't done. As he sat around the airport with nothing to do—which is apparently something that happens to the rich and the unwashed masses alike—he decided to pass the time with one hell of a tattoo. we'll let it speak for itself down below. 

What sort of brave and innovative tattooer plies his trade at gate A12, just down the corridor from the Chili's Too with CNN blasting on all the screens? Tatu Panda, that's who! The Miami-based artist has been Paul's go-to tattooer for a while, inking many of the social media star's most recognizable pieces including the RNBO on his stomach.

It isn't a real boxing (or MMA) press conference without some tension, so the fracas was expected, but Jake may have wanted to send a signal to Mayweather with the hat grab. Sure, it may be his brother who is getting into the ring against the legend, but it's Jake who wants to emulate Mayweather's career.

“Floyd Mayweather was the highest paid athlete for five, six, seven years straight,” Paul told us. “I’m a businessman at the end of the day, so if I love what I’m doing and I can become one of the highest paid athletes in the world, then that’s what I’m going to do. I think a lot of people look down upon being motivated by money, but I think it’s one of the greatest things in the world.”

As of now, Paul's professional boxing record is 3-0, which means he has the same winning percentage in the ring that Mayweather does. Of course, Mayweather has fought 47 more times than Paul, walking away with a victory each time. By the time he was Paul's age he had already amassed a record of 27-0, so if the Disney star-turned-YouTuber-turned-boxer wants to build a similar career he better stop causing scenes at his brother's press conferences and get back into the ring.