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You can say a lot of things about Jake Paul. He's caused numerous controversies and ruffled plenty of feathers. But what you can't say is that he has bad taste in tattoos. Unlike many influencers of his caliber, Jake Paul has some pretty great tattoos. And his newest piece, may be his best tattoo yet.

On January 4th, Inked Miami owner Tatu Panda took to Instagram to show off Paul's latest and greatest tattoo. "Jake and I spoke about references; the premise of the tattoo was a heart infused with a grenade," Panda says. "I wanted the design to be very legible, so I went with a more illustrative and line heavy design as opposed to something more realistic. I used a few different references to compose this tattoo and later I added the hand to give it context and make it feel more powerful."

"It's always been a good vibe tattooing Jake," continues Panda. "We watched the greatest knockouts compilation, talked about boxing and looked forward to the new year."

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