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There are few certainties in life—death, taxes and James Bond films. The long-running film franchise returns this April with the release of "No Time to Die," the series' 25th installment. 

Daniel Craig will be reprising his role as the world's most dangerous spy for the fifth time. From what we've seen in the trailer it appears as if he will continue to bring a multi-faceted emotionality to Bond that the five previous Bonds lacked. Yes, Craig does embody the suaveness Sean Connery stamped onto the iconic role, but Craig also brings vulnerability and rage to 007. Before "Casino Royale" the idea of Bond getting killed on his mission never felt like a real possibility, and neither did the notion that the MI-6 agent might start murdering people out of pure vengeance. Craig brings all of that to the role, reinventing our image of the spy in a way that meshes with our modern world in a way Ian Fleming likely never would have imagined. 

It's nearly impossible for a film series that started almost 60 years ago to remain relevant, but thanks to the way Craig has reinvented the character the Bond films have been able to pull it off. 

We're really excited to see what's in store for fans in "No Time to Die." The film was tied up for a while in production, including a change in directors, but the trailer gives us reason to believe. As much as we love James Bond, the most important part of these films is getting the action scenes right. Given what we've seen from director Cary Fukunaga in the past, most notably the insane drug heist scene from the first season of "True Detective," the action should be tremendous. 

When you throw in one of the most gifted actors working today, Rami Malek, as the villain, it's impossible not to be enthused for "No Time to Die," even if you aren't a Bond superfan like the folks in the gallery below.