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The Jonas Brothers are back, and celebrating their much-anticipated comeback single, "Sucker." On The Late Late Show’s "Carpool Karaoke," the trio takes a drive down memory lane with James Corden.

The once-Disney-Channel-stars discussed their early rise to fame, their breakup, and being ridiculed for wearing purity rings when they were teenagers.

Nick reiterated that the moment would mark their "first performance back." When Corden pointed out that that's "a lot of pressure," Kevin mentioned that they just had to "dust off the cobwebs."

"I broke the band up, but I got the band back together," Nick said.

“Admitting that they missed the "magic" they had when they were together, Nick revealed that "when things ended, it wasn't the best," as mentioned in an article by the Hollywood Reporter. Meanwhile, Kevin explained that they had to endure "forced therapy" to settle their personal issues. The brothers also revealed that Nick was the one to eventually pull the plug on the band, as he later embarked on a solo career. Joe eventually formed his own band, DNCE.”

The Jonas Brothers went through a lie detector test, including whether Nick was sick of being in so many wedding ceremonies with his wife Priyanka Chopra.

Hitting the nostalgia train home, the Jonas Brothers sang "Burnin' Up," "Year 3000," "When You Look Me In the Eyes" and "Lovebug."

"I mean I swear to God if I had a purity ring on at the start of that song it's coming off by the end," Corden said. 

The video, receiving 4,464,350 views as of Monday, and 190k likes, was proven to be well-received from the comments section. While many of the comments expressed their NEED for Corden to do this with One Direction, many enjoyed the nostalgia that came with seeing the Jo Bros in action.

One commenter wrote, “I'm officially old enough to have grown up with a boy band, consumed its music, watched it split, and come back for a reunion. ”

Another added,

“Me: mom how did the jonas brothers get back together?

Mom: James Corden, sweetie...james corden. ”