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It's inevitable that artists are going to pull inspiration from their real life. Even when making a conscious effort to avoid making a direct correlation, those influences often find a way to seep in there. Get ready to hear the tale of a tattoo artist who while designing a portrait of Jesus may have had a Brooklyn Nets game on in the background. 

If you aren't a big sports fan, chances are that you don't notice anything other than a fairly well-executed black-and-grey portrait. But if you follow the NBA there is no way you won't immediately recognize who this is. No, not Jesus. It's James Harden. 1,000%. Just look at him! 

Still don't believe it? ENHANCE.

Screen Shot 2021-11-05 at 11.01.41 AM

Looks pretty similar... let's see them side by side! 


The above photo is essentially the Spider-Man pointing at himself meme. It's truly amazing.

When this got brought to the world's attention by a Twitter user by the handle of @asharp52, a lot of people started to roast the tattooer, Herman Wibowo, which is the entire reason I've decided to write this article. 

Yes, it's funny that there is such a similarity between Harden and Wibowo's depiction of Jesus. But what did you expect him to do? Take his own photo reference of Jesus for the piece? 

If we're going to be really honest about the history of the world, the real Jesus looked a heck of a lot more like James Harden than any of those thousands of paintings hanging in churches across the world. When you're doing a portrait from your imagination, chances are you're going to pull from something you know. There's no real fault to be found here, nothing to give the artist a hard time about. Sure, it's a little funny to imagine that depiction of Jesus chucking 3s from way downtown, but when you really break it all down, it's a good tattoo! And that's what really matters.