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Here at Inked, we are usually adamant that people only get tattooed by professionals. Bloodborne pathogens are no joke and some times that "sick tat" a friend offers to give you in his kitchen ends up being a lot more of the former than the latter. Thus, we were a little skeptical when we saw that country stars Jason Aldean and Kane Brown were posting on social media about a tattoo party they were hosting. Nine times out of 10 these end up going horribly wrong, with the only people happy at the end of the night being laser removal professionals and people who specialize in cover-ups. 

Thankfully, Aldean and Brown aren't bozos giving each other stick-and-pokes, they let Bubba Irwin, the champion from Season Nine of "Ink Master," do the bulk of the tattooing. But not all of it. As Brown revealed in an Instagram Story, Irwin let Aldean take the machine for a little bit to add some finishing touches to Brown's tattoo. Country Now pieced together the videos, which you can watch right below. 

As you can see, Aldean is a natural! Maybe if this whole "music thing" doesn't work out for him, he'll be able to get some work as a tattooer. Perhaps, that's going a little too far, but by looking at the finished product, Aldean certainly didn't screw anything up, and that's a victory in our book. 

When Irwin wasn't letting Aldean do some mop-up work on Brown's fantastic gorilla tattoo, he was busy tattooing a couple of palm trees on Aldean's arm as a tribute to the singer's Floridian roots. 

As Irwin explains in the posts, neither of the tattoos is fully finished yet as the musicians had to hit the road. We look forward to seeing the finished product soon!