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To know Jason Pinsky is to know cannabis. Known for his role as the first ever IMDB credited cannabis producer for VICE’s “Bong Appetit, Pinsky connects the industry. Pinsky has been a fixture in the cannabis scene since the early ‘90s. When he’s not at his regular table at Peter Luger Steak House (his house account number is 420, true story), he can be found on his Harley-Davidson blazing the western shores of the Pacific Coast Highway. In 2014 he helped craft medical marijuana legislation in his home state of New York and in 2016 he was dubbed The King of Mainstream Marijuana by Bloomberg News. These days, you can find Pinsky plotting his new projects on the West Coast. Look out for his latest production, in which he hosts the upcoming series Operation Pipe Dreamers, airing later this year. Follow him @jasonpinsky

Pinsky Headshot

When it comes to cannabis, Pinsky is as well-versed and well-traversed as they come. Here’s what he’s rolling up* this 4/20—in his own words.

Snaxland - Lemonotti

Photo by @esoteric.420

Photo by @esoteric.420

There’s no place like Snaxland when it comes to high-end flower in Colorado. Snaxland grows a lot of new-age exotic strains at a high level—but the company’s own Lemonotti stands out in a crowded field. This Biscotti cross is the closest thing to Candy Citrus in weed form as I’ve ever found. This is the type of strain you can smoke before, during and after your workout.

710 Labs - Candy Chrome

This strain matches my Harley-Davidson. The newest addition to 710’s genetic arsenal is Candy Chrome (Runtz x The Menthol). That’s not glitter—that’s just proper trichome development. This glitzed up strain is not all glamor—the smoke smacks and the flower tastes like a candy cane. With a deserved reputation as the premier cannabis company in America, consumers flock to 710 Labs for the company’s solventless extracts. But never sleep on their flower—if you can find it.

Alien Labs- Baklava

I’ve always viewed Baklava as an underrated dessert. Alien Labs spin on this Turkish delight won’t be underrated any time soon. True to form, no company knows how to name a strain like Alien Labs. Their ode to Baklava blends Kosher Kush x Gelato 41 for a Hebrew hammer of a strain. Gelato overpowers the look and taste, but the OG effect brings me back a couple decades.

IC Collective - OMFG

(IC Collective is Chem Dog reincarnated) The strain that summed up and sped up 2020 coming from the guys that stunk up shakedown street on Dead tours since 1991. IC Collective keeps the legendary Chem Dog alive and well with its modern interpretations. The OMFG blends Chem D x Fog Dog and the result makes all Dead Heads proud. If you like weed that induces a little sweat (see: my forehead) with a side of intensity, make sure to check out IC Collective. It’s some of the best weed I've smoked, hands down.

Rocky Mountain High - Ice Cream Cake 

I always load up on Sour Diesel at Cannabis Station whenever I’m in Colorado, but this time I stocked up on some sweet, sweet Ice Cream Cake. Many cuts exist of this Seed Junky classic—but I haven’t seen a prettier one yet. Caked with purple hues & a deep taste, you won’t find a sweeter version of Ice Cream Cake at Carvel or any of the 180+ dispensaries in Denver. 

Cherry Colorado - Dank Dough

Photo by @esoteric.420

Photo by @esoteric.420

A Gelato core with a sweet, sweet cherry on top. A blend of Gelato 31 x Moonbow (Zkittlez x Do-Si-Dos), Dank Dough hits the entire flavor palate. Sweet and fruity with a gas perfume, this strain keeps the day moving. Archive Seedbank bred this strain with its renowned Dosi and Cherry has done these genetics proud. These guys have some of the more consistent and unique genetics in Denver. 

High Life Farms - Zkittlez Mints

On its own, Zkittlez can look a bit like Beasters. Despite the rainbow terps, the look is antiquated. But when crossed to Animal Mints, the result is bud with improved structure yet the same great, jungle taste. Pheno-hunted by High Life Farms California, the strain is available both via its Michigan and Cali branches. This is the type of weed I can roll with all day.

Rare Nature - Kush Mints

Weed is no longer rare in Oklahoma. Kush Mints is no longer rare in the weed scene. But the Kush Mints from Rare Nature out of OK is as good as the Seed Junky signature strain gets. Grown to perfection, this Kush Mints brings me back to those pre-98 Bubba Kush days where the couch was my best friend and I was world-ranked at Donkey Kong on Nintendo 64.

The Herbal Cure - Tropicana Cherries

When I can't start my day with a glass of OJ immediately followed by a cherry coke (gotta get them vitamins and minerals), I go straight for the Tropicana Cherries from The Herbal Cure. I gotta say, their grow team really hit home with this one. Not only is it easy on the eyes but when I inhale it from my spliff, the smoke fills my lungs with a musical symphony that sounds similar to the last time I saw Phish on mushrooms at Red Rocks.

FOXY - Animal Face

Photo by @ryanlittman

Photo by @ryanlittman

Foxy is a new cannabis company based out of L.A. that pays tribute to my old school roots in NYC. Their Animal Face is one of my daily drivers right now. I like the heavy pine from the OG mixed with the Animal Mints potency. Foxy’s Animal Face nose is so loud—It takes me back to the day when I used to call my weed delivery guy and could smell him coming from down the block.

Pistil Point - Vino 

Old school meets new school. East Coast meets West Coast. Diesel meets Zkittlez. The Pistil Point crew is absolutely crushing it these days. This strain was grown at the new mothership of weed farms, Natura Life Sciences, in Sacramento. I’ve watched these guys go from idea—to full takeover, and the flower they are pumping out is nothing short of opulence. Appropriately named, the Vino is fruit forward and has notes of cherry and blackberry on the inhale, with a velvety finish on the exhale.

Bloom County - Garlic Crasher

There’s a lot of GMO crosses out there but this one from Bloom County brings the funk like George Clinton and P-Funk did in their prime. All garlic, gas & a rush of blood to the head makes this one hit straight to the face. Keep an eye out for their Brain Crasher phenotype whenever you’re in Colorado if you can handle the heat.