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There was a time when the name Camp Crystal Lake didn't immediately send a shiver down your spine. Then the camp staff got distracted, stopped paying attention and accidentally allowed young Jason Voorhees to swim unattended. The worst possible scenario happened and young Jason drowned, never to be heard from again. 

Except some time after the first film, Jason came back from the dead. He did not forgive and forget, and for the next 11 "Friday the 13th" film he would go on a vicious killing spree, hiding behind an old-timey hockey mask and swinging his machete into damn near every teenager he could find. 

The menacing murderer is one of the most recognizable characters to ever appear on film. Unsurprisingly, he has also become a very popular subject for tattoos. On this Friday the 13th you shold take some time to enjoy this gallery of tattoos featuring the iconic slasher. Just keep the lights on, and if you hear a "ki ki ki, ma ma ma" get running!