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At first glance, Boston Celtic Jayson Tatum's new back tattoo looks amazing. The black-and-grey script is clean and legible, the tattooer is clearly skilled at his art. If only there had been an editor in the room to make sure the tattoo came out perfectly. 

Tatum's tattoo reads "Gods Will." Which, if he is intending to say that things happen because of the will of God, well, you're going to need an apostrophe to say that. It should read "God's Will." 

Now, if this is just the first part of a full back piece depicting all of the things that Gods will do, almost like a bad comedy bit, then we're off to a great start. Otherwise, Tatum is going to need to go back to his artist, Steve Wiebe, and ask for an apostrophe to be added. 

As far as tattoo blunders go, this really isn't a big deal at all. It certainly isn't a "No Ragrets" type of situation. You can easily add the apostrophe and fix it up, good as new. 

Perhaps, Tatum has something against apostrophes. This is not the first tattoo he has that is lacking in that department. 

Oh no they "didnt"

Oh no they "didnt"

You would have thought that Tatum would have learned his lesson after this tattoo, but apparently not. Maybe he just doesn't like apostrophes. Which is a weird flex, but I'd respect it. 

It's always a shame when things like this happen, especially when it involves a well-respected artist like Wiebe. Of course, this is why every tattooer will tell you to triple-check your own words when asking for a script tattoo. It's a great looking tattoo and very well-done, but without that apostrophe... not so much. 

Hopefully, Tatum and Wiebe will get back together, add an apostrophe and turn this tattoo mistake into a tattoo to be proud of.