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Despite saying some pretty stupid things on occasion, Jeff Goldblum remains a national treasure. There are so many reasons to fall in love with the actor—the cadence of his speech, the sense of wonder that he brings to everything, his general handsomeness—that it shouldn't come as a surprise that we'll watch him in damn near anything, no matter how bizarre the premise.

His most recent work seems to be taking that idea and running with it. Each episode of "The World According to Jeff Goldblum," a documentary series available on Disney+, sends the actor on a journey to explore a certain topic. So far, he's tackled ice cream and sneakers (two things we adore here at Inked), so we were already loyal followers. But it's the third episode that's got us hooked: TATTOOS!

"Jeff Goldblum gets under the skin of the TATTOO community and discovers a world of passionate artists, deep history and eccentric personalities," the show's premise reads. "He spends a day at one of the largest tattoo conventions in the world; meets a Hawaiian tattoo master who saved an ancient tradition; and learns the power of 'smart tattoos.' Jeff drops in on Pittsburgh’s 'Jeff Goldblum Day,' where devoted fans celebrate Jeff with themed tattoos, and to their surprise and delight, he takes up the needle himself." 

How fucking rad would it be to get tattooed by Goldblum? I don't even care if the art is horrific, getting tattooed by the Fly is the experience of a lifetime. Of course, the tattoo I'd go with would be a quote from Goldblum's Ian Malcolm in Jurassic Park: "Life, uh, finds a way." And yes, you have to have the "uh" in there for it to be legit. 

We are so stoked that Goldblum is looking into our happy little world, especially since he and the characters he's played have been part of our world for so long. Enjoy these Goldblum tattoos before watching the episode when it airs on Friday.