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At the moment, one of the biggest trends on YouTube is to visit one star reviewed establishments and businesses. Many YouTubers have participated in this trend by visiting nail salons, barbers, and even tattoo parlors. Over the weekend, beauty guru Jeffree Star was the latest YouTuber to visit a one star tattoo shop and the experience was certainly eye opening.

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Not only is Jeffree Star covered in tattoos, his collection is by some of the best artists in the business. Kat Von D and Nikko Hurtado have both created custom pieces on Star, making the move to get a tattoo at one of the worst rated shops in the country quite the step down.


While visiting Houston, Texas to celebrate the launch of his brush collaboration with Morphe, Star decided to visit one of Yelp's least recommended shops in the area. Prior to visiting the tattoo shop, Star checked out the reviews and noted that many former customers had complained about the sanitation of the shop. Several clients had reported getting infections from both the piercings and tattoos, with the majority complaining over the odor of the establishment.

Take a look at Star's experience at the worst tattoo shop in Houston and let us know in the comments section what you think of this body art establishment. Does it deserve a one star review? Should it be shut down for good? Would you get tattooed there?