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Record numbers of viewers were glued to their TV sets this past week to see who would be crowned the "Jeopardy!" GOAT. Three legendary contestants—Ken Jennings, Brad Rutter and James Holzhauer—duked it out in a unique first-to-three-wins format of the game, complete with a horrible reworking of the Final Jeopardy song. 

This time around it only took Jennings a mere four days to prove his mettle, 70 fewer days than his previous tenure. The games were riveting, exciting and filled with intrigue right until the very final Final Jeopardy. Holzhauer and Jennings were neck-and-neck throughout the contest while Rutter struggled to keep up. 

Many of us were rooting for Holzhauer to have the right Final Jeopardy answer on Tuesday night, if for no other reason than it would prolong the entertaining tournament. But it was all for naught, the professional gambler didn't have the correct answer. Jennings did. And that was that. 

We wanted to include a gallery of exciting "Jeopardy!" tattoos to commemorate Jennings' victory, but there really aren't many out there. Come on, people. Get those Trebek Tattoos! So here are a few, and then a bunch of GOATS... just like Ken.   

Image courtesy of Reddit User Vanaliam

Image courtesy of Reddit User Vanaliam