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These days, there's 3D everything. 3D printing, 3D movies and 3D modeling have changed our world. But what about 3D tattooing? Tattoo artists have been working to create the illusion of a 3D tattoo for decades and many of these pieces would have you fooled. However, no one does 3D tattooing like Jesse Rix.

Rix began his tattoo career 15 years ago and in that time, he's honed his craft to create unbelievable tattoo designs. He's currently based in Keene, New Hampshire and takes inspiration from the natural world around him. Rix specializes in 3D tattooing that uses the client's blank skin (also known as negative space) to create shapes that look like they're popping out of the skin. But he doesn't stop there. Often times, he adds galaxy patterns or nature scenes to the piece and the result is seriously spectacular. The juxtaposition creates tattoos unlike anything we've ever seen before and his work is heavily sought after in the tattoo community. He's a true master of both the technical and artistic aspects of tattooing and someone who has had a tremendous impact on the industry. Take a look at the gallery below to see some of our favorite 3D tattoos by Jesse Rix, then let us know your thoughts on his work in the comments section on social media.