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Jesse Wellens is one of the most popular creators on YouTube, with an impressive 10.5 million subscribers on his channel. He's best known for being a viral prankster, with some of his top videos including pretending to cheat on his girlfriend, eating hot pepper extract and staging huge spiders in his house for his friends. But, did you know that this YouTuber has some pretty impressive ink? Thanks right, Wellens is a bonafide tattoo collector. Take a look at his growing collection in the gallery below and let us know your thoughts on his tour in the comments section.

Black-and-grey Angel on Left Arm

This tattoo pays homage to Wellens mother, who passed away. It was inked by Kat von D in Los Angeles.

Star of David with "Never Again" on Chest

This tattoo honors Wellens Ashkenazi Jewish heritage.

Red Rose on Forearm

This tattoo was inked by NYC artist Joice Wang and is Wellens only color tattoo.

Emojis on Wrist

This tattoo was inked by Romeo Lacoste at Playlist Live 2016.