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Freckles have been the beauty standard that has been gaining popularity quickly. Instagram accounts, like beautiful_girls_with_freckles, and brands like Faux Freckle Cosmetics who have created temporary, self-applicable and realistic looking freckle makeup, have helped pioneer this trend.

Basic astrological tattoos are out and freckles are in. Jessica Knapik, Cosmetic tattoo artist at Depot Town Tattoo in Ypsilanti, Michigan, is combining both, to change the cosmetic tattoo game with creating freckles in the shape of your astrological sign.

On the surface, the semi-permanent cosmetic ink scatter looks like regular freckles, but on closer inspection a hidden star sign is revealed when you connect the dots.

“It’s a cute, personal, secret way to connect your sign and the universe to your body,” Knapik said. “I used to draw caricatures of famous people when I was little, fashion designs, and animals.”

Knapik moved to Canada, where she trained as a cosmetic tattooist, before moving back to Michigan. There she set up shop at Depot Town Tattoo, and the astrology; crystals; and tarot lover said she uses a cosmetic tattoo machine, while “most cosmetic artists here in the U.S. work with a microblade.” Knapik continued, “Machine work is way more popular in Europe and Asia, but I discovered a programme in Canada so I went and trained there.”

While trained and certified in brows, her freckle work is self-taught.

“I officially started as a tattoo artist in 2017, then later the same year I dreamt up AstroFrecks,” Knapik said. “At that time there were only a few big standout cosmetic artists, and I knew I wanted to have my own voice.”

Knapik got her first tattoo at 18-years old, and said she “hid them for as long as possible.” Now, she is covered in bold designs and tons of animal ink, and notes, “in terms of my work, it’s very delicate and girly, but for me as a person it's the harder the better – gnarly thick lines, bold, weird designs.”

Knapik said she has “very few girly tattoos,” and says, “basically I want all my tattoos to look like they’re on a man.”

For Knapik’s plans for the near future, she said she’s dabbled in UV ink, “to make the major stars in the constellation shine under blacklight,” but that she hasn’t been wowed by the results.

“The ink is very watery and kind of temporary so maybe that can be improved someday,” Knapik continued. “But my wheels never stop turning, my next big idea could be tomorrow for all I know. Stay tuned.”