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Jessica Alba is not only a talented actress on both television and film, but she's also a proud mother of three. In 2004, while shooting the film Fantastic Four, Alba met film producer Cash Warren. Four years later, the pair married in May of 2008 and less than one month later, Alba gave birth to their daughter Honor. Then, in August of 2011, Alba gave birth to the couple's second daughter Haven and in December of 2017, they introduced a son named Hayes.


Today, Alba's children are 10, seven, and one respectively—and on March 11th of 2019, the Golden Globe nominee decided to get tattooed in honor of her kids. Alba sought out the expertise of acclaimed celebrity tattoo artist Dr. Woo, who has tattooed Miley Cyrus, Emilia Clarke, and Katy Perry.

Screen Shot 2019-03-12 at 12.18.27 PM

For her tattoos, Alba got the astrological constellations inked on her left forearm in Woo's signature single needle style. The constellations include Gemini for Honor, Leo for Haven, and Capricorn for Hayes.

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What do you think about the celebrated actress's new tattoos? What do you think about constellation tattoos? Are you sold on the idea or not feeling the trend? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.