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John F. Kennedy, also known as JFK, is one of the most beloved, celebrated and remembered presidents in U.S. history. Born on May 29th of 1917 in Brookline, Massachusetts, Kennedy was raised in a politically affluent family and served in the U.S. Army Reserve from 1941-1945. After WWII, Kennedy went on work in congress, serving in the House of Representatives from 1947-1953 and the Senate from 1953-1960. Kennedy would go on to run for president during the 1960 election, squaring off against Republican opponent Richard Nixon in the very first televised presidential debate in United States' history. Kennedy was sworn in as the 35th president in 1961, earning recognition for his involvement in the Bay of Pigs invasion, the Cuban Missile Crisis and the establishment of the Peace Corps.

However, on November 22nd of 1963, Kennedy was assassinated while on a political trip in Dallas, Texas. Postmortem, Kennedy continued to be celebrated around the country, both for his Democratic politics and for the impact his family left on popular culture. In honor of the 56 year anniversary of his death, we're taking a look back at JFK's political legacy with 10 of our favorite tattoos which replicate his likeness. Take a peek at the Kennedy-inspired ink in the gallery below, then let us know your thoughts on this story in the comments section.