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Love him or hate him—I've personally done both—nobody can deny that Jose Mourinho is one of the most accomplished football managers of all time. Everywhere he goes he wins trophies. Well, he didn't win a trophy at Tottenham, but one can argue that would require a miracle given their history. Mourinho won at Porto, he won at Chelsea (twice), he won at Inter Milan, he won at Real Madrid, he even won a piddling cup trophy with a horrendous Manchester United team. 

So it makes sense that when a new European competition kicked off this past season, the UEFA Europa Conference League, Mourinho was the manager holding up the inaugural trophy. 

Throughout the far from prestigious competition, Roma got to visit such scenic locales as Bodo, Norway (population 8,500), Luhansk, Ukraine (population 13,000) and Arnhem, Netherlands (population 24,000). But a trophy is a trophy, and in the end, Roma defeated Feynoord 1-0 in Albania to bring home the title. 

Mourinho, who has now won five major European cups, celebrated by getting a tattoo featuring the Champions League trophy, Europa League trophy and the new Europa Conference League trophy. 

"The joy of the Roman people led me to do it," Mourinho explains in the post. "Then I thought about something special, something that would honour all the clubs where I won European competitions. At the same time, I wanted a unique tattoo, one that, so far, I am the only one who can have it… Alberto showed me some proposals, I just changed a few details. Here is my tattoo."

It seems odd that this is the title that drove Mourinho to take the leap and get inked. Given the hubris and ego he is known for one would think he would pretend that he never even had to play in the Europa Conference League in the first place. But on the other hand, that same ego and hubris would definitely lead to the Special One bragging about being the only person allowed to get such a tattoo. 

Maybe this is the start to a whole tattoo collection celebrating his achievements. I would love to see a sleeve dedicated to all of his Year Three meltdowns. Maybe some script featuring one of his numerous insane quotes. A big parked bus belly rocker would be tremendous. 

That may all be fantasy, but Jose Mourinho never fails to surprise us so we'll see what the future may bring.