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If I had a dollar for every story I hear about a proud parent getting a tattoo to honor their child I wouldn't be writing this story you're reading, I'd be relaxing on some private island sipping an umbrella drink. Despite seeing thousands of parents getting ink for their kids, I still raised an eyebrow when I saw Carlos Urias' tribute to his son. 

Carlos is clearly very proud of his son, Los Angeles Dodgers relief pitcher Julio. This past October, Julio was on the mound in the top of the ninth inning of Game Six of the World Series. Willy Adames of the Tampa Bay Rays stared hopelessly as the 97-mph fastball landed in the catcher's mitt for strike three, giving the Dodgers their first World Championship since 1988. 

Urias pumped his fist and screamed in joy, an image cherished by legions of Dodgers fans. It is this image Carlos chose to get tattooed on his arm, with the Commissioner's Trophy in the background. 

While Julio has a ton of tattoos already, this was his dad's very first piece. We guess he was waiting for the Dodgers to finally break through and win it all. The tattoo was done by Andres Ortega Rojas, who is based out of Glendale, Arizona. As you can see from the photo, Julio gives his dad's new tattoo a big thumbs up. 

You've got to give a tip of the hat to Carlos as the tattoo is pretty massive for a first tattoo. Way to commit! 

Vegas has the Dodgers as 4/1 favorites to repeat as World Champs in 2021, so there's a pretty decent chance Carlos will be in the market for another tattoo come October.