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When it comes to Japanese manga, we're all familiar with international successes such as "Sailor Moon," "Naruto" and "Death Note." Although many of the most popular mangas are characterized as action adventure, there are mangas of all genres. And when it comes to horror, no one is as prolific as artist Junji Ito.

Junji Ito is a mangaka based in Nakatsugawa, Japan. He began drawing and writing manga in the 1980s, as a hobby during his time as a dental technician. In 1987, Ito's career in horror manga took off with a story that would eventually become a full blown series known as "Tomie." This manga's titular character is a mysterious and beautiful woman who has supernatural abilities and acts as a succubus, driving every admirer who crosses her path into madness. Ito released three volumes of "Tomie" and his story was adapted into a 1999 television series, as well as a web show for Quibi—which was never released. Other popular Ito works include "Uzumaki," which tells the story of a town cursed by spirals, and "Gyo," which follows a couple who fight off a horde of undead fish possessed by an odor known as the "death stench."

In honor of Junji Ito's incredible legacy and the impact his mangas have had on readers worldwide, take a peek at some of our favorite tattoo interpretations of his work. Then let us know if you're an Ito fan in the comments section on social media.