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We are only a couple of days away from Thanksgiving, or as I like to call it, Fat Guy Christmas. It is the one day of the year that we are encouraged to wear our comfiest pair of pants and spend the entire day gorging ourselves to the point of exhaustion. But as great as Thanksgiving is, there is a little something missing from the menu—junk food. 

The main event, the turkey, is good for you. So are all of the veggies that go into everything else on the table, even if we do turn them into casseroles that are borderline unhealthy. The point is, other than the pie at the end of the meal, we aren't really indulging in junk food. And junk food rules. 

We're talking candy, hot dogs, burgers, pizza and basically anything that comes in "flamin' hot." Goddamn, now I'm making myself hungry. Hold please...

OK. We're back, I needed to grab some Cheetos to tide ourselves over until lunch. Which makes me wonder, how in the world can somebody get a junk food tattoo without being hungry all of the time. If I had a realistic tattoo of a Kit Kat on my arm, I'd start salivating every single time I looked at it, like one of Pavlov's dogs. It would be a whole thing. 

We're hoping that the people in this gallery are able to exercise more self-restraint than I. It would be very unseemly if they were to be drooling every time they looked at their ink. This article is guaranteed to make you hungry, but please don't attempt to lick the screen.