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Update- Bieber has revealed his new neck tattoo, and shared that it was done by celebrity artist Dr. Woo. The tattoo is a bird with the word "forever." 

Justin Bieber left church on Wednesday, and press got quite a surprise when they were able to spy a new bird tattoo on the singer's neck. 

bieber neck out

Bieber hinted to fans that he had gotten another tattoo in a post to his Instagram stories, but never followed up with any actual photos of the ink. But where the Biebs goes so does the paparazzi, including church- which is where people were able to get a glimpse at the singer's tattoo.

Via Justin Bieber's Instagram

Via Justin Bieber's Instagram

The ink looks like a traditional styled dove, which might have something to do with Bieber's recent nuptials. Or maybe he just likes birds, that's cool too. 

This all comes after Bieber was in the news apologizing for previously using racist slurs.