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Jonboy is a New York City based tattoo artist who has created a multi-million dollar brand by tattooing some of the most recognizable celebrities in Hollywood. Although Jonboy has decades in the business, he took his career to the next level in 2015 after inking a teeny, tiny white dot on Kendall Jenner's finger. Since tattooing Jenner, Jonboy has become one of the most coveted celebrity tattoo artists in the world and currently considers Halsey, Kaia Gerber and Noah Cyrus to be his regular clientele. However, one special star in particular recently made an appointment with the West 4th artist and the internet is buzzing about the bold new tattoo.


We're of course talking about Justin Bieber, who has gone to Jonboy for tattoos on a number of occasions—including a small cross under his left eye. Although Bieber typically enlists the expertise of Bang Bang when he rolls through NYC, this time Bieber went to Jonboy for a fresh face tattoo. 

The media first noticed this new tattoo on Bieber's mug a month ago, however, based on the limited photo evidence, they weren't able to decipher the exact design. But, Jonboy recently put the rumors to rest by posting a clear photo of Bieber's tattoo to his Instagram page.

Screen Shot 2019-01-02 at 9.58.42 AM

Bieber's tattoo is the word grace, which symbolizes the musician's faith in God. Both Jonboy and Bieber hold religion to a high esteem—and they've both been known to call Carl Lentz's Hillsong church their place of worship. And while Bieber has had a falling out with the celebrity pastor, he's held onto his faith and showed his devotion through a bold face tattoo.

Jonboy included a lengthy caption summarizing the past year on Instagram, writing:

"2018 was a lot of work for me. Both in tattooing and inner work I thought I would never have to face. So many times wanting to give up asking God to take me home. But then I’m reminded what my purpose in this world is through people like you who get tattooed by me and share your life of struggles, anxieties, lost love ones, memories and victories through these little tattoos that have some of the biggest meaning behind them. Thank you. Thank you to my clients who have become some of my best friends. I love you all! Gods grace is sufficient in our weakness and it is by Gods love we are here for 2019!"

Screen Shot 2019-01-02 at 9.57.12 AM

What do you think about Bieber's brand new face tattoo? Do you think that Bieber will make like his buddy Post Malone and go ham with the face tattoos? Or will the pop singer keep it subtle and stick with bold ink that can be kept under wraps? Share your thoughts, opinions and questions on his new tattoo in the comments section on Facebook.