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While many musicians use their Instagrams solely to promote upcoming projects, Justin Bieber not only teases his new material, he shares his opinions as well. Five days ago, in a photo posted to Instagram, Justin Bieber shared his admiration for rapper Chris Brown by comparing him to the late legends Michael Jackson and Tupac.

Chris Brown was quick to comment on this generous comparison, writing "I LOVE YOU MAN! THANK YOU FOR BELIEVING IN ME. YOUR STAR SHINES SO BRIGHT AND YOUR HEART IS UNMATCHED! YOU ARE A KING BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY YOU WERE PUT HERE TO INSPIRE AND CREATE ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES BRO! IM WITH YA TILL THE WHEELS FALL OFF AND WHEN THEY DO ... WE GONE GET SOME NEW WHEELS" in the comments section. Others in the industry chimed in on this sentiment, including Sean Kingston and Nick Cannon in agreeance.

Others online clapped back at the Biebs, with Brazilian actress Alice Wegmann writing "DOMESTIC VIOLENCE IS NOT A MISTAKE," and YouTuber Jack Baran replying "fuck every celeb in this comment section y’all get your heads checked."

What do you think of Bieber's controversial post? Do you agree with his views on Chris Brown? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.