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Tattoos are a family affair for Kaia and Presley Gerber. The model was joined by her brother while they visited tattooer Evan Kim in New York City yesterday. 

While both siblings were tattooed by Kim, Kaia doubled down and had work done on both her wrist and her shoulder. On Kaia's wrist, Kim tattooed a tiny and delicate bouquet of flowers. The level of detail that Kim packed into such a small tattoo is incredibly impressive. 

The piece on her shoulder is a delightfully simple tattoo—two arms holding each other in the shape of the heart. While the tattoo is minimalistic, it packs in a ton of symbolism into just a few lines. The heart shape, the way the arms are holding each other, it's clear that Kaia was looking to make a statement with this tattoo. And Kim delivers. 

Presley's tattoo isn't quite as open to interpretation. One might even say that it's all spelled out. 

There's something very sweet about seeing two siblings get tattooed together. It really is a bonding experience unlike any other as the two of them will carry a reminder of the day with them for as long as they live. We're looking forward to seeing what happens next time they pay a visit to Kim.