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There are dozens of deities in Hinduism and one of the most recognizable is Kali. Kali is the Goddess of Time, Creation, Destruction and Power. She's the leader of the Mahavidya, 10 tantric goddesses who form aspects of Mahadevi, the mother goddess. Kali is frequently depicted with four arms, but occasionally she is shown with ten arms. In scripture, she's described as having black skin, however, in Indian art she's often depicted with blue skin. Her eyes are typically portrayed as being red with rage and she's often shown with fangs, as well as a stuck out tongue.

In art, she's frequently depicted holding a variety of objects, such as a Khadga (a crescent-shaped sword), a trishul (a trident), a severed head and a kapala (a skull cup used for collecting blood). Worship of Kali is typically done through chanting mantras and Hindu goddesses play a large role in the practice of Tantra yoga.

Although Kali is a part of Hinduism, she's made a significant impact on popular culture. The Rolling Stones based their iconic 1971 band logo off of her stuck out tongue. And Ms. magazine, which was co-founded by Gloria Steinem, based their very first cover off of Kali's likeness.

In honor of Kali, the Goddess of Time, Creation, Destruction and Power, take a look at 75 impressive Kali tattoos from talented tattoo artists around the world. Then let us know your favorite Hindu deity in the comments section on social media.