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In a recent viral Instagram photo, a trio of America’s most influential musicians—the enigmatic Kanye West, colorful trap artist Lil Uzi Vert and breakthrough R&B star Steve Lacy—were seen flexing their newest matching tattoos. The tattoo, proudly placed upon each respective artist’s upper inner bicep, reads “We Here Forever Technically,” with the first three words written in unrefined, scratch lettering and the last word in a more traditional serif font. In the photo, the trio admiringly displays their new ink with tattoo artist Mez Afram of Donda’s Place posing beside them, notably wearing Ye’s newest sunglasses drop, the YEEZY GAP SHDZ.

The phrase itself elicits an empowering yet ominous aura. As all three artists have set inimitable standards in their craft, this quote can be taken to mean that the individuals will live forever, spiritually or otherwise. Some fans also interpret Ye’s tattoo in particular as an audacious response to the recent news of Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson’s breakup after nine months of dating, coupled with a now deleted Instagram post of a fake newspaper front page reading “SKETE DAVIDSON DEAD AT 28” as well.

Ye and Uzi’s friendship stems back to 2018, if not further, when the two collaborated on Travis Scott’s track “Watch” that year. About a year ago, amidst the buildup to Kanye’s “Donda” release, Lil Uzi tweeted, “Kanye a fake pastor.” What appeared to be a subtle dig never resulted in a fallout, though, as now the two appear to be closer than ever. Ye’s friendship with Lacy is presumably more recent, but the mastermind behind “Donda” recently commented on the “Bad Habit” hitmaker’s Instagram post announcing his new album “Gemini Rights,” calling the album beautiful and deeming Lacy “one of the most inspiring people on the planet.”

It goes without saying that getting matching tattoos with someone symbolizes a huge bond. While this may be an unexpected combination of figures to brand themselves with a common motto, there is no denying that the energy radiating from the combined presence of all three in the same room is nothing short of staggering. Now the question that remains is: will the trio be releasing music together at any point down the road? Our fingers are crossed, how about you?